New Construction Inspection

You've built your dream home, but fresh paint can hide real problems. Inspect your new home before you sign off with your contractor.

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So you finally built your dream home. The paint is fresh, the structure is new and the heating and cooling system is high quality, and everything seems great. In many case the polished veneer of a new home can be deceiving.

Many people commonly assume that a new home implies worry free home ownership. Unfortunately some contractors and subcontractors can cut corners, use less than preferred materials, and frankly sometimes mistakes just happen even with the best contractor.

That's why having the team at Reckner Certified Home Inspection out to review your new home is imperative. Our team will inspect your new house with care and attention to detail and provide you with a detailed report showcasing any areas of concern.

Having that information as you take the keys can help you prevent future repairs, and ensure that the contract can make your home perfect before you sign off on the project.


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