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home inspectors, home inspection, home inspector, Akron, Copley, Fairlawn, Bath, Medina Ohio
home inspectors, home inspection, home inspector, Akron, Copley, Fairlawn, Bath, Medina

$30.00 Discount For Military, Teachers, Police, &  Fire and Hospital Workers

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Hi I'm Steven Reckner, Owner/Inspector of Reckner Certified Home Inspections.   A home inspection is critical when purchasing a new home which is one of the most important decisions we all make.  Choosing a home inspector should be about getting the best home inspection possible.  I offer my customers the very best home inspection available which includes FREE Thermal Imaging because that is exactly what I would expect for my hard earned money.  I like to say "protect before you invest."  I am here to give my customers an unbiased home inspection report so you and your family are well informed before making any big financial home-buying commitments.

Because I am the Owner and Lead Home Inspector, either myself or one of my employees, that I have personally trained, are the only people I allow to do my inspections. Other companies outsource their jobs to subcontractors who may or may not be qualified to conduct a great home inspection and I just don't agree with doing that.  While I'm not the most expensive home inspector in my area, I'm not the cheapest home inspector either.  If you're only interested in the cheapest home inspection money can buy, then I am not your guy.  There are super cheap home inspectors in our area. But please remember this, in the home inspection business, as it is in any business or purchase, you get exactly what you pay for.  But if you are looking for a very thorough and honest home inspection, with FREE Thermal Imaging, that helps better guarantee your home buying success, then let's schedule an appointment today. I work very hard to set appointments that are prompt and convenient for you and your agent.

Why Choose Reckner Home Inspections?

-We offer a $30. discount to our armed service members and teachers, medical and first responders.

-FREE Estimates, FREE Thermal Imaging w/ every inspection.

-23 years of Industry Experience

-Reporting fast onsite to you and your agents

-Local Family owned Company who cares

-State Licensed and Certified Experienced Inspectors

-Fully Insured with two different kinds of Insurance

home inspectors, home inspection, home inspector, Akron, Copley, Fairlawn, Bath, Medina
Sheila R.  Copley, Ohio-
"Steven did a home inspection for me and he was fabulous.  We did a search for home inspectors, As a single mom I am always worried when I hire contractors but Steven's Free Warranties really helped me feel at ease with hiring him.  He was extremely easy to talk to and helped me understand things on my level.  Not only was he punctual but also early!  He was extremely thorough, and took the time to show me things that were of importance for my home buying consideration.  I would highly recommend Steven for your home inspection needs".
Amanda H.  Fairlawn, Ohio
"I wanted to have my house pre-inspected before I tried selling it.  I knew the home had a lot of issues and as a single mom with three kids I couldn't afford to lose the equity I had built in my home during the negotiation process.  Steven was very kind and easy to work with.  He was able to help me find the issues I was looking for and even a few I didn't know were there.  It really helped me get the kind of money for my home that I was hoping for." 


Erin G.   Akron, Ohio
We found Steven and his company off of Angie's List.  We called and talked to him and what he could offer us, and then after visiting his website we decided he was the inspector we wanted to hire.  His website seemed more down to earth and easy to understand than any of the others we had looked at.  The other inspectors we talked to seemed very robotic and disinterested.  Steven was easy to talk to and very engaging.  We enjoyed our home inspection process because of him.


Ryan B.  Fairlawn, Ohio
We needed a home inspection done fairly quickly and Steven from Reckner Home Inspections was able to get the job done.  He really seemed to take his time investigate during his home inspection and in my wife and I's humble opinion he went above and beyond what we paid him for.  We really feel we got our moneys worth and wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend him to our friend and family if your looking for home inspectors.  Thank you for helping us with our new home. 


Stephanie A.  Bath, Ohio-
"My husband and I chose Steven's company because he just seemed to be more technologically advanced in his method of doing a home inspection.  We felt his prices were very in line and if anything we felt like we got our money's worth because of the time and effort we saw him put forth. We would definitely recommend his services. No one else offered us any kind of guarantee or warranty at all that sealed the deal for us."
Daniel S.  Copley, Ohio-
"Steven was recommended to us by our friends who had used Steven in the past.  They gave him rave reviews and he did not disappoint.  He was very thorough, clean, polite, and helped us feel comfortable in our home buying decision making process.  He was able to help us find issues that could have lead to big financial losses in the future. But we were able to negotiate to have them fixed before we bought the home.   

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What are the different kinds of Home Inspections and Why do you need one.

There are two things we as home inspectors hear many times a year.  One is "I don't need a home inspector, I know what a decent house should look like."  The other is, "I have built or am building a brand new home, I definitely don't need a home inspector"  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I love being a home inspector in my area and helping people.  But one thing that will make you sad is to see a family who has worked hard, struggled and sacrificed to make their dream of home ownership and building their dream home a reality get stuck in a bad building problem or a bad real estate situation.  That's why this industry


1. The Buyers Home Inspection.

This is where someone is buying an existing home, built years ago and they want a home inspection to make sure they aren't buying a home with a ton of problems or issues. As a home inspector I want to help ensure that my customer the home buyer is getting a good home and if during the home inspection process


2. The Pre Listing Inspection.  You already know you want to sell your home.  But you also have said you hope it doesn't take a very long time to sell it.  One of the main reasons homes can sometimes be hard to sell is because of issues that the new buyers home inspectors find during the sales process and then a potential buyer walks away from the purchase of your home.


3. New 1 YEAR Warranty Home Builders Inspection.

Helping you find issues with your new home before the 1 year warranty is no longer available to help protect your purchase is the main reason for this type of home inspection.  So many home builders offer now a days offer these warranties but what good is a warranty if you don't realize something is wrong and the warranty time period ends?    We know most people can recognize a bulging foundation wall and realize that's not a good thing, but its improper wiring, improper framing practices and improper installations of stairs and electricity that are hidden dangers that most people are not aware of that can harm them or hurt their new home build.  These are also things that could have been avoided if people didn't think they get a perfect home because they built it themselves with a builder. The job of home inspectors is to point out issues that aren't obvious to most people.  Akron is a huge metropolitan area and tens of thousands of home are sold every year not only in Akron but also in the Fairlawn, Copley, Medina areas as well.  Every single one of the transactions needs a home inspection to help ensure that everyone is getting the best real estate deal they can for their hard earned money.  A Home Inspection is very important for every home sale but I think most people are under the assumption if they are building a new or new custom made home with a builder then they do not need home inspectors.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Every  year in the US hundreds of thousands if not millions of homes are built, and home inspectors find thousands and thousands of problems and code violations.  Mostly done by accident or a lack of good judgement, but some are done out of lazy and cheap building practices.  Every builder claims they have strict standards and building codes that they adhere to well if that was so then no one would need home inspections and every day in the US thousands of violations and bad building issues are found by good home inspectors.

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What we INSPECT: Here is a comprehensive list of the home sections inspected.

  • Structure and Foundation

  • Electrical Systems

  • Plumbing Systems

  • Roofs and Attics

  • Basements and Crawl Spaces

  • Gutters and Drainage

  • Walls, Floors and Ceilings

  • Porches and Decks

  • Property and Site

  • Sheds/ Barns and other outbuildings

       I also inspect and operate:

  • Furnaces year round

  • Air Conditioning when the temp. is 50 Degrees or above.

  • Plumbing Fixtures in Kitchens, Baths and Laundries

  • Water Heaters and Ventilation with a smoke pen.

  • A Representative Number of Lights and Receptacles

  • A Representative Number of Windows and Doors

  • Built-in Appliances

  • WE INSPECT POOLS for an Additional Fee check out our other website

  • WE DO NOT INSPECT Wells or Septic Systems at this time. 

Akron Ohio’s Top Choice Inspection Provider

At Reckner Certified Home Inspections I like to say "Protect Before You Invest". As a Certified and Licensed Inspection Professional I have seen it lot in 23+ years of Industry experience and I pass that knowledge to each and every one of my customers at every home inspection I do.  Just like a dentist or doctor I feel a home inspector is always "in practice" learning on the job everyday.  I am able to help you identify potential issues with your future home purchase and save you Money and Heartache by seeing these issues before closing so they can be fixed or negotiated with the Sellers ahead of time so you can have peace of mind with your new home purchase. 

Buyers’ Inspection

This is the primary function of my home inspection business.  To help you, the consumer, make the most educated decision you can during the home inspection and buying process.  I am happy to do the inspection with you by my side, answering all of your questions along the way, or to finish my report and walk you thru the home inspection report page by page and explain the findings.


Sewer Scope Inspection

The Main reason we recommend a sewer scope inspection is to let us know if the property’s sewer line and system is functioning as it was intended. Knowing the condition of your sewer line is important from not only a piece of mind standpoint, but also from a general home ownership standpoint. It is suggested the sewer line be reviewed every 5 years to ensure a costly problem is not forming. During a typical inspection year, I have on average, 30 clients a year out of 600 that fail to inspect the sewer line of their new home and have a backup issue. This literally means sewage backups in the home. These repairs are costly. This could leave you paying for expensive repairs if the sewer line is has shifted out of position, wasn't even installed correctly the first time, cracked or broken, has root invasion, or build ups that will eventually cause back ups. The average Sewer Line Repair starts at around $2,500 minimum and can go to $15,000.00

One of the main reasons you can trust our diagnosis of the sewer line of the home is because ALL we do is inspect them only. We have no money interest in the repair money or estimates. This helps ensure your are not being unfairly diagnosed by a repair company. Our inspector will use a color, state of the art video inspection camera into the sewer line through the sewer clean out. The clean out may be located in a basement, crawlspace or outside the home. If no obstructions are found, we will inspect as far as our video line will allow. If we do find problems or issues in the line, we are able to accurately locate of the trouble area. Our video camera has a sensor attached that allows us to find it with a locator in the yard for quicker repairs.

Common Sewer Line Problems

Common sewer line problems are root intrusion, holes, pooling, cracks, and pipe separation. A functioning sewer line may have problems that do not currently affect the performance of the line. However, these problems may cause a future sewer backup leading to an unexpected emergency line repair or replacement.

Not Just A Sewer Scope Inspection

You will receive a written report detailing the condition of the main line and a link to the high quality, digital video recorded at the time of inspection.

Radon Inspections

 I am Licensed with the State of Ohio as a Radon Tester, furthermore, I am certified by the National Radon Safety Board.  I do this for real estate transactions during home inspections, or for home owners who would like to protect themselves and their family from the odorless, tasteless, gas that can cause lung cancer in your home.  Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States right behind smoking.  Please don't hesitate to test your home today if you do not have a radon mitigation system in your home. 

WDI Termite and Pest Inspections

I am Licensed with the Ohio Department of Agriculture to perform WDI Wood Destroying Insect Pest Inspections on the home you are trying to purchase. I am mainly looking for the insects that are wood destroying such as termites, carpenter ants and carpenter bees, but I will be letting you know if I find excessive amounts of any kind of insects or "pest" such as but not limited to bees, wasps, hornets, mud daubers, mice, rats, woodpeckers, spiders, or other bugs.

1 Year Builders Warranty Inspection Most building contractors provide a one-year warranty for new home construction. During this time the buyer is asked to keep track of any problems or defects they would like to be addressed by the builder in the form of what is referred to as a “punch list” of corrections for the builder to fix before the warranty coverage time expires.  There are many issues that are not obvious to the average homeowner who may or may not have any prior training in any aspects of the home building industry.  It is strongly advised by many different people in the industry that you should have a home inspection done to ensure you are getting all the corrections done that you have coming to you before your warranty expires. You will sleep better every night knowing you hired a professional to examine your largest asset and purchase of your life so the proper corrections were made before you became solely responsible for paying for any future corrections on your own. 

Pre Listing Inspection
A pre-listing home inspection is becoming more and more popular as people want to sell their homes faster in a fast paced and very competitive real estate market.  It is very attractive to future potential buyers when they read the MLS listings they are considering for purchase and one of them stands out stating "This home was given an unbiased 3rd party examination by Reckner Certified Home Inspections and the report can be made viewable to your real estate agent."