Electrical Outlet Detector and Circuit Analyzer

We utilize commercial grade tools to test your outlets for voltage, properly configured wiring, and safety.

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Many home inspectors will use a little outlet tester, perhaps from a consumer hardware store when inspecting outlets. Those devices are ok but are limited in the information the provide, only showing if an outlet is wired correctly. This is the bare minimum of information you should look for when evaluating a homes electrical wiring and understanding the safety of the property.

True to our nature, and our commitment to our customers we take our electrical inspections a step above by utilizing an outlet tester with a built in circuit analyzer. 

This commercial grade advanced testing tool allows us to clearly see not only if the outlet is wired properly but if the circuit that outlet is on is properly grounded. It also shows me if the outlet is getting proper voltage or not enough.

Ensuring that each of these is meeting code is essential to the safety of your property.

Because of our investment in commercial grade testing products you will know after your inspection if your house is wired properly, has plenty of power, and is safe.


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