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Buyers Inspection

Buying a home? Our certified home inspection team can help you buy your dream home with confidence.

Assisting home buyers in Northeast Ohio to evaluate the home of their dreams  is the primary function of my home inspection business.  To help you, the consumer make the most educated decision you can during the home inspection and buying process.  I am happy to do the inspection with you by my side, answering all of your questions along the way, or to finish my report and walk you thru the home inspection report page by page and explain the findings.

Having an experienced team on your side to represent your interests is critical when buying a home, and there is no better teammates than Reckner Certified Home Inspection. We'll evaluate the home as if we were buying it and leave you with the confidence to make the best decision.

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Sellers Inspection

Selling your home? Inspecting your property prior to listing can give you the sales edge and likely sell faster.

Home inspection are no longer just for the property buyer. Completing a pre-listing home inspection is becoming more and more popular as people want to sell their homes faster in a fast paced and very competitive real estate market. Being able to show on your MLS listing that the home is pre-inspected is very attractive to buyers. More importantly truly knowing the condition of your property gives you controls over the repairs and give you greater negotiating strength with a potential buyer.

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New Construction Inspection

You've built your dream home, but fresh paint can hide real problems. Inspect your new home before you sign off with your contractor.

So you finally built your dream home. The paint is fresh, the structure is new and the heating and cooling system is high quality, and everything seems great. In many case the polished veneer of a new home can be deceiving.

Many people commonly assume that a new home implies worry free home ownership. Unfortunately some contractors and subcontractors can cut corners, use less than preferred materials, and frankly sometimes mistakes just happen even with the best contractor.

That's why having the team at Reckner Certified Home Inspection out to review your new home is imperative. Our team will inspect your new house with care and attention to detail and provide you with a detailed report showcasing any areas of concern.

Having that information as you take the keys can help you prevent future repairs, and ensure that the contract can make your home perfect before you sign off on the project.

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Multi-Family Property Inspections

Buying a rental or investment property? A Multi-Unit Inspection is similar to a regular home inspection, but covers properties with 2-4 units.

Investing in multi-unit housing properties is a great way to invest. But in order to be profitable, among other things you must negotiate the lowest purchase price possible and ensure that the property is solid. The team at Reckner Certified Home Inspections has years of multi-unit property inspections and can can help you make a smart choice.  

Multi-family properties are prone to more issues and defects than single family by their very nature. More units can mean more problems. That's why you need as much detailed information as possible before investing. Our multi-family inspections will give you a detailed report of each unit, asses the property in detail and put you in a more powerful position during the negotiation process.

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Commercial Property Inspections

When you invest in a large commercial real estate property, a inspection performed by our certified team can help avoid costly maintenance and repairs.

If you think we only inspect homes, then think again. The team at Reckner Certified Home Inspection has been inspecting commercial property in the Akron and Cleveland area for years, and we have the expertise to help you with your property. When you invest in a large commercial real estate property, inspection needs to be done to identify deferred maintenance issues or immediate repairs. Due to the size of commercial buildings, it is imperative that ensure that you have no surprises. That’s why we take our commercial property inspection services so seriously.

During our inspection, we check the pavement systems, electrical panels and wiring, plumbing fixtures and piping, HVAC systems, tenant improvements, building envelope, roof condition, drainage, site grading, irrigation, landscape, ADA accessibility, elevators and conveyance systems, and the entire building structure and foundation. You'll be given a detailed report of our findings and the education you need to make a smart buy.

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Electrical Outlet Detector and Circuit Analyzer

We utilize commercial grade tools to test your outlets for voltage, properly configured wiring, and safety.

Many home inspectors will use a little outlet tester, perhaps from a consumer hardware store when inspecting outlets. Those devices are ok but are limited in the information the provide, only showing if an outlet is wired correctly. This is the bare minimum of information you should look for when evaluating a homes electrical wiring and understanding the safety of the property.

True to our nature, and our commitment to our customers we take our electrical inspections a step above by utilizing an outlet tester with a built in circuit analyzer. 

This commercial grade advanced testing tool allows us to clearly see not only if the outlet is wired properly but if the circuit that outlet is on is properly grounded. It also shows me if the outlet is getting proper voltage or not enough.

Ensuring that each of these is meeting code is essential to the safety of your property.

Because of our investment in commercial grade testing products you will know after your inspection if your house is wired properly, has plenty of power, and is safe.

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Termite and Pest Inspections

“You have pests." Three little words no homeowner ever wants to hear. WDI inspections aren't something you only need completed when purchasing a new home.

We are licensed with the Ohio Department of Agriculture to perform Wood Destroying Insect Inspections on your property.

Our primary goal is to look for evidence of wood destroying insects such as termites, carpenter ants and carpenter bees.

Understanding if these uninvited guests are present in a home can be extremely important as termites alone cause billions of dollars in damage in the U.S. every year.

During your home inspection our team can also look for less damaging pests like bees, wasps, hornets, mud daubers, mice, rats, woodpeckers, spiders or other bugs.

When you add a pest inspection onto your home inspection our goal is to make you comfortable in your new home knowing you won't have uninvited roommates.

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Radon Testing

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, so protecting you and your family from this odorless, radioactive gas is essential.

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, so protecting you and your family from this odorless, radioactive gas is essential. The team at Reckner Certified Home Inspections is licensed by the State of Ohio as radon testers and we are also certified by the National Radon Safety Board.

Unfortunately for us, Northeast Ohio sits atop a very active Radon field, and on average most homes in the area have some levels of Radon. There is no way to guess which house will have elevated radon levels, you can have two houses on the same street and one will have high levels, and the other below normal. That's why testing is so important.

Radon testing can be added to your home inspection easily with accurate results quickly. From there we will gladly review the test findings with you, educate you on their meaning and recommend a course of action for remediation if necessary.

The links below will give you an opportunity to read about this silent killer for yourself.  If for any reason you or any member of your family thinks radon testing isn't necessary or is a waste of money, please, please, take the time to educate yourself by clicking the links below about something that can be very harmful to you and your family.




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Mold Testing

Whether you have visual confirmation of mold or not, our state of the art testing will detect any presence of mold in your home.

At its most basic core, mold testing involves taking a sample of either the air or a surface and testing it to determine if mold exists, what kind of mold exists and if the mold found is able to grow in the area tested. Samples will be sent to a specialized lab for review. The technicians will apply the sample to a microscope slide, add stain that the mold spores can absorb and then evaluate the sample to determine the results.

The information will then be shared with the inspector and our customer.

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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging or Thermography is one of the most exciting services we offer and we're proud to include it free in every inspection.

Thermal Imaging or Thermography is one of the most exciting services we offer and we're proud to include it free in every inspection.

A thermal inspection of a home makes hidden issues come to light; literally. Our certified inspection team utilizers specialized cameras for thermography to capture heat patterns which allow them to see what’s behind walls for an in-depth view of the building’s condition.

Thermal imaging is used to locate and monitor many hidden conditions such as heating and cooling loss through improperly insulated areas; air movement through an enclosure; moisture presence from plumbing or rainwater issues, rodents and termite damage or presence, potential electrical problems, and even pet urine under carpet.

Getting a thermography inspection allows us to diagnose issues before they become disasters that jeopardize the sale of your property or cost you thousands in repairs.

We use the thermal imager in conjunction with a visual inspection, but it never replaces the inspector.

Our inspectors are trained to use these tools to find problems, dive deep, and determine the cause of the issues and verify the camera's findings.

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Aerial Drone

Drones allow me to see on the tops of chimneys and gables that we otherwise be able to inspect even when walking a roof during a home inspection.

The use of our drone has proven to be more useful than I ever thought possible for home inspections. 

While we make every attempt to "walk" each roof during a home inspection, there are times when second story houses and very steep pitches of roofs (or the weather) make it impossible and unsafe to be physically climb. 

Weather such as ice, snow, rain, or high winds are a home inspector's worst enemy, but by using the DJI Phantom 4 camera drone, we can see high resolution pictures and videos of the roof safely during these conditions. 

It also allows views of the tops of chimneys and gables that might not otherwise be visible to an inspector even when walking a roof.

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Pool Inspection

When you are looking to invest in a home with a pool, a professional pool inspection can alert you to any damages, repairs, or potential hazards.

Everyone loves warm Ohio summer days spent by the pool, and if the property you're buying includes one you need to know it's in tip top shape to truly be able to enjoy it.

Before you purchase a home with a pool it's important to have it professionally inspected.

Pool Inspections can determine if the current condition of the pool and surroundings are up to the current safety standards.

Pools that have not had proper maintenance or care can be subject to many unsafe conditions: leaks, broken steps, faulty ladders/railings, blocked drainage/filtration systems, unsafe diving boards, dangerous deck surfaces, and more.

When you are looking to invest in a home with a pool, a professional pool inspection can alert you to any damages, repairs, or potential hazards that may arise based on the current state of the pool.

Contact Reckner Certified Home Inspection to get a pool inspection in Northeast Ohio!

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Sewer Scope Inspection

Knowing the condition of your sewer line is important from not only a peace of mind standpoint, but also from a general home ownership standpoint.

The Main reason we recommend a sewer scope inspection is to let us know if the property’s sewer line and system is functioning as it was intended. Knowing the condition of your sewer line is important from not only a piece of mind standpoint, but also from a general home ownership standpoint. It is suggested the sewer line be reviewed every 5 years to ensure a costly problem is not forming.

On average annually I see dozens of customers who refuse a sewer scope inspection live to regret it and experience raw sewage backups into their homes. Maybe the pipe cracked, or shifted out of place, or worse yet has been invaded by tree roots; no matter the cause repair costs will range from several thousand to over ten thousand dollars.

You can trust Reckner Certified Property Inspection to inspect your sewer line because all we do is inspect. We have no interest in repairing them, our only concern is giving you accurate information and letting you make the most informed decision.

Our team will use a full color, state of the art video inspection camera to examine every inch of your sewer line, all the way to where it empties. If we do find problems, our cameras have built in sensors that allow us to find its location in your yard, making it easy to mark the trouble area, and saving you hundreds of dollars in plumbing and excavation costs.

When the inspection is done we will include our findings in our home inspection report, and send you a link to a high quality recording of the sewer video.

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Why choose Reckner Home Inspections? 

Reckner Home Inspections was awarded the Best of Akron 2019 Award  on Oct. 13th 2019 for the Home Inspection Division. We would like to thank ALL of our clients and realtors that made this possible.
What Makes Us Different:
We have 546+ 5-Star Reviews from our clients posted on Google.
We give all of our customers FREE ($225 value) Thermal Imaging Scanning with every inspection.
We have Fair & Transparent Pricing based on the square footage of your home and never consider other factors (e.g. your occupation).
We offer a $30 discount to all Fire, Law Enforcement, Teachers, Active Military, and Medical Staffers.
We are a local, family owned company that cares.
Expect More From Your Home Inspection

Free Thermal Imaging

I offer my customers the very best home inspection available which includes FREE Thermal Imaging because that is exactly what I would expect for my hard earned money. Thermal Imaging normally adds $225 to a Home Inspection, but we include it for free with every inspection.

What can I expect with my inspection?

At Reckner Certified Home Inspections I like to say "Protect Before You Invest". As a Certified and Licensed Inspection Professional I have seen it lot in 23+ years of Industry experience and I pass that knowledge to each and every one of my customers at every home inspection I do.  Just like a dentist or doctor I feel a home inspector is always "in practice" learning on the job everyday.  I am able to help you identify potential issues with your future home purchase and save you Money and Heartache by seeing these issues before closing so they can be fixed or negotiated with the Sellers ahead of time so you can have peace of mind with your new home purchase.
Every inspection includes:
Structure & Foundation
Electrical Systems
Plumbing Systems
Roofs & Attics
Basements & Crawl Spaces
Gutters & Drainage
Walls, Floors & Ceilings
Porches & Decks
Property & Stite
Sheds/Barns & Other Outbuildings