We believe home inspection pricing should be upfront and fair.

Transparent pricing means you always know what you are getting and what it will cost you. Simply put, you only pay for your total square footage and can choose any add on services you may want like radon testing, pest inspection, sewer scope or mold air quality tests.

Home Inspections

-Under 999 sq. ft. $325

 1000-1499 sq. ft. $375

 1500-1999 sq. ft. $425

 2000-2499 sq. ft. $475

 2500-2999 sq. ft. $525

 3000-3499 sq. ft. $575

 3500-3999 sq. ft. $625

 4000-4499 sq. ft. $675

 4500-4999 sq. ft. $725

 5000-5499 sq. ft. $775

 5500-6000 sq. ft. $825

Additional Tests offered with Inspection:

Radon: $175

Sewer Scope: $175

Ext. Drain Scope: $125

Wood Destroying Insects: $85

Mold: $150 Surface Per swab

Mold: $175 Air Quality Test

Asbestos: $175 Sample & Report

Well Inspections: $195

Septic Inspections $295

Well and Septic Combo $425

Pool Inspection: $250

Stand Alone Services:

Radon: $275  
Sewer Scope: $375
Pool Inspection: $350
Mold: $250 Surface Per swab
Asbestos: $275 Sample & Report
Ext. Drain Scope: $325
Wood Destroying Insects: $135
Mold: $275 Air Quality Test

We don't aim to be the cheapest...we aim to be the best.

At Reckner Certified Home Inspections our guiding principal is to keep inspection pricing fair and up front with no games.

If you're looking for the cheapest home inspection, we understand. We aren't going to be the cheapest and we do not discount our services. We won't be a perfect fit for everyone. We use more technology and have a lot more experience than the majority of inspection companies out there and have earned our reputation as a leader in ALL of Northeast Ohio.  

So if you want cheap, you can definitely find cheaper, but you won't find better. You 100% get what you pay for when it comes to home inspections. A cheap inspection isn't good and a GOOD inspection is not cheap.

Our pricing principles
We aim to be upfront and transparent with our pricing so you know exactly what you're paying before you schedule.
We price based on the sq. ft. of your home only and do not include factors like your profession into our pricing.
$30 Hero Discount for all Fire, Law Enforcement, Teachers, Active Military, and Medical Staffers.