Many people think WDO's (Wood Destroying Organisms) are just inside of peoples homes.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  

Organisms AKA bugs come from outside in nature and somehow they live out there and do there thing and cause damage that doesn't seem to bother anyone.  

But once we start a home inspection, to find these little buggers becomes a huge deal.  Just to be clear before I keep going there are many different kinds of WDO's in the world not just termites but these guys do seem to get the lions share of the attention in the home inspection industry.  

There are wood beetles, and carpenter bees like I show in the home inspector video above and many more just type wood destroying organisms into google and see the plethora of bugs that come up.  When these guys are found during a home inspection it needs to not be downplayed and taken fairly seriously.  These creatures and destroy an entire house around you while your living in it and not even be aware of it.  

Sometime the first and only signs of an infestation might just be some boring holes.  Not boring as in oh my god I'm so bored with this, but like a drill boring hole or to better say it a starter hole to begin eating there way thru a home.  

if you have a home that is fully furnished it can be very difficult sometimes to see any damage because it is usually done to the wood structure behind the drywall and finishing of the home.  That's why you should always hire a home inspector who offers some home warranties during his home inspection.  

These may only last for a few months at best, but at least it gives you time to live and get settled into the home and begin to notice if any issues may have been missed.  Home inspectors are not perfect and do not have x-ray vision, so at least these warranties give you something to help combat what could be very costly repairs.

Thank You for taking the time to read my blog and watch my video it is much appreciated.  This is Steven Reckner with Reckner Certified Home Inspections have a good day. Proudly serving Fairlawn, Medina,  Copley, Akron, Bath, Revere, Wadsworth, Brecksville, and all the rest of Northeast Ohio.