Everyone wants to save money when doing any kind of home renovation.  Whether you are a contractor or a home inspector, we have seen first hand the money lost and the damage done by insufficient bathroom ceiling fans.  

The size on the box might be the right size for your room square footage wise,  but is it enough for the activities within the room?  You go to the big box store to buy a new fan for your bathroom renovation, sure enough there are a lot of choices and a lot of price points.  Do yourself and your long term pocketbook a huge favor and spend the extra $40-$60 dollars upfront and buy a much bigger CFM (cubic feet per minute) sized fan than you think you could ever need.  

WHY you ask? Because if you, or a guest, or children take a nice long hot shower from time to time and your fan doesn't pull out the moisture than your are starting a long downhill slide to a place contractors and home inspectors like to call "trouble city". This a wonderful magical and costly place where being cheap upfront during a renovation costs you 2 to 3 times more to fix down the road.  

Moisture is a huge issue.  It ruins drywall, electrical components, wood and trim, explodes cheap MDF (medium density fiberboard) vanity cabinets, and ruins grout and carpeting.  Moisture can destroy a bathroom.  then your left to either rip a lot of things out and replace them or worse yet, you have to hire someone to do that work for you.  Don't cheap out the smallest levels of fans at home depot should be reserved for small 1/2 half baths with no showers in them.  Never should they ever be used in bathrooms with showers because a few years down the road the moisture damage can be significant.  

I hope this helps save even one bathroom from moisture damage then writing this short blog will have been so worth it.  

Thanks so much for reading this and remember to take the time and money and do things right.  Thank You for taking the time to read my blog and watch my video it is much appreciated.  This is Steven Reckner with Reckner Certified Home Inspections have a good day.

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