As a home inspector a lot of times I get asked about beauty issues inside or outside of a home.  I hate when I am asked "so what do you think? isn't this house just wonderful and beautiful?"  

I am fairly certain you might have heard the saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", in our case as a home inspector the "beholder" is our client or buyer.  My home inspector taste and the buyers tastes are very far from matching usually.  

Aesthetics is not a normal part of a home inspection.  We as home inspectors try to stay unbiased as to if anything we are looking at is beautiful or well done.  

Many a home inspector will tell you that the beauty of a drywall job say like in a garage is not as important as making sure the drywall is properly installed and sealing out car fumes and letting out heat from the home envelope.  During a home inspection a lot of clients will say "why didn't you tell me the shingles were ugly".  

Because its not my job to decide whats ugly and whats pretty, my home inspection job is to make sure your roof doesn't have current issues, and is doing its job and was installed properly so you can enjoy its usage for years to come despite its looks.  So remember if a home inspector was to comment on every scratch, nick, and dinge that has nothing to do with functionality, your home inspection report would hundreds of pages long and no one wants all that.  

Thank you for watching my video and reading my blog have a great rest of your day.

Thank You for taking the time to read my blog and watch my video it is much appreciated.  This is Steven Reckner with Reckner Certified Home Inspections have a good day. Proudly serving Fairlawn, Medina,  Copley, Akron, Bath, Revere, Wadsworth, Brecksville, and all the rest of Northeast Ohio.