During a recent Home Inspection in Medina, Ohio I found a great example of a known issue with the ceiling drywall finish and I'm here let you know how to avoid this.  In the video you will see the "smooth" or non-finished looking rectangular spots on the ceiling.  This ceiling was properly finished at the time of installation.  The previous homeowners however liked to use the attic space above the garage to store seasonal totes and Rubbermaid Large Containers .  This normally isn't an issue if done properly.  

This homeowner got lazy and decided to store the heavy totes in between the trusses of the roof.  This put undue pressure on the drywall and its fasteners. Due to the climate changes here in Northeast Ohio, the temperature in the garage and attic space can and  does fluctuate between 20-140 degrees depending on the time of the year and the amount of wind.  

These temperature and humidity changes helped the drywall sag under the pressure from above.  This could have easily been avoided if the homeowner would have simply put down some plywood over to the top of the trusses and then placed the seasonal totes on top of the plywood this would have kept everything off of the drywall and avoided the finish from cracking and flaking off.

Thank You for taking the time to read my blog and watch my video it is much appreciated.  

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